One of the more powerful features in Flowster is the ability to Schedule a Workflow. You would typically want to do this if there's a "job" that is repeated, say on a weekly basis.


Let's look at an example.


You work in the marketing department for a website hosting company. It's your responsibility to send out a weekly newsletter to your customers.


To manage this process in Flowster, you would first create a Template like this:



Then, you'd click the Schedule Workflow menu item:



This would pop open the Workflow Schedule dialog, and you'd set it up like so:



Note that this means, starting on Aug 16, 2021 at 12 PM, every Monday this Workflow would be created, you would be assigned to it, and it would be due after 1 day (therefore due on Tuesday).


Then, you could check out the Calendar to see that every Tuesday going forward, the Newsletter workflow is due:


Also, check out the Scheduled tab to see that every Monday this Workflow is scheduled to execute:



Setting up a Schedule for Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

In order to setup a recurring Workflow for Monday to Friday, this is how it should be configured: