Once you have your first SOP Template completed, you are ready to use it to create your first Workflow so you can actually begin to delegate some of your work to other people!

Congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step to working ON your business instead of IN it – and life will never be the same again, I can assure you.

To create a Workflow from a SOP Template, all you need to do is click the New Workflow button shown below.

You'll then see this dialog:

Here you can:

  • Choose a unique, appropriate Workflow Name
  • Assign the workflow to one or more people on your team
  • Select a Due Date for the workflow

If you forget to assign the workflow in this dialog, no worries!

After the workflow is created, you can then assign it (and optionally set a due date) by using this menu:

Once you’ve assigned the person who’s in charge of the entire Workflow, you or that person (as long as they are a Member and not a Guest) can assign individual Tasks to other people on your team – and each of these Tasks can have its own separate due date.

So, in reality, if you have a large SOP Template that is made up of 10 or 20 Tasks, you can easily delegate each of the Tasks to other people on your team with as many different due dates as you like.

Voila – now you have project management capabilities right within Flowster!

For each person who is assigned a Workflow or a Task on a Workflow, they’ll receive an in-app and email notification letting them know that they have work to complete, and by when it needs to be completed.