Here at Flowster, we have two core terms that you should understand:

A Template is the SOP that you create one time for a task that is likely to be repeated over and over.

Workflow is the name we use to describe when you want to use a template, and assign it to yourself or a member of your team, so actual work gets done.

So basically a Workflow is an instance of the Template running.

For example, if you are issuing a purchase order, you would create a Template to cover the specific steps your company does whenever it issues a purchase order. 

Then, each time a new purchase order needs to be issued, you’d simply select the “Purchase Order” Template and then click the Execute New Workflow button to create a Workflow that you then give a due date and assign to any member of your team (or yourself if you don’t yet have a team). The responsible party will then create and issue that particular purchase order in the exact way you defined it when you created the Template in the first place.