The Flowster Capture Chrome Extension makes capturing Workflows easier than ever and is way less time-consuming than the old methods of recording yourself talking over video, or taking screenshots and manually annotating them.

You can add the extension from the Chrome Web Store
After adding the extension, you will be prompted to sign-in. Note: You will need to signup to this separately - this extension is separate from the Flowster app.

Once you have signed in, just go to your desired web page and click on the Flowster Capture Extension and then click on Record Workflow.

Hover your mouse over the section you want to build a step on. Each time you click on a highlighted section/step this will automatically be added part of the Workflow you're creating. Once done, just click on the Green check button on the bottom left to build your Workflow or you can discard it by clicking the X icon which will appear when you hover over the Green check button.

Once you're done selecting the sections/steps and click on the Green check button, a Workflow will automatically be built for you with a step-by-step breakdown.