It's already easy to share a workflow link with anyone, even if they aren't a Flowster user:

But now you can even earn affiliate commissions if any of these people end up signing up for Flowster.

First, while editing a template, click the "Share Template" menu item:

Then, click the "RUN WORKFLOWS" tab and turn on the switch:

Next, click the lower switch so "Affiliate Run URL" is selected:

Then, click the "Create account" button.

A new tab will open. Click "No" if you don't yet have an affiliate account. If you do, click "Yes" and enter your email address.

Then click the "Create Affiliate Account" button:

Your account will be created:

Now return to your original tab, and copy the URL that was created:

Use this URL to invite people to run this workflow and also earn affiliate commissions if they signup for a Flowster subscription. Win-win!